February 20, 2023

Writing as a design tool

I have been experimenting with Midjourney. It’s incredible to see the beautiful images it can create.

This technology is super exciting although the use of language to make adjustments seems to be very crude and limited if you want to make enhancements or small changes.

In the images below I loved the colours and atmosphere of the picture, but couldn’t get the surfer or his board to look how I wanted it. It often created a completely different picture. Which was still beautiful, but not what I had in mind.

Creating design with words has always been super complex. We can walk out of a room having a wonderful conversation with a group of people about what something should look like, only to find out later we all had different realities in our head.

Making an artefact is often what turns an idea or concept into something we can discuss, challenge and make better.

As a designer we are used to use our hands to make and shape things. Most work is iterating. And maybe for these tools we need to learn how to iterate our writing. As we always have been learning to work with new tools. One picture is worth a thousand words :)

Curious to see how this will develop and at the same time be impressed what it can do already.

Wave surfer in the the winter during twilight photorealistic

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