July 5, 2021

Hello, World!

New beginnings

This website has been there for probably 18 years by now. It could have been old enough to vote in the Netherlands 😀

It started with hypernarrative.com, a blog to share links on the web, ideas, work and experiments.

It hosted my graduation project and a video and a photography website. Projects started and ended.

Eventually I moved it all to wilbertbaan.nl, where it became more a mix of longer posts and portfolio work.

Most of the years it has been running on Wordpress 🙏 which has been amazing.

After recently running different updates and database migrations to keep the old blog working and readable, I decided to remove it and start over.


Personal websites are different today. You don’t need it to be able to share links or thoughts, social media took over that role.

I still love the idea of a self controlled environment, where you collect the things you make or write without any dependencies on another platform.

After years of Wordpress I am now using Blot a simple Markdown based page builder. I love other simple tools like Bear.app and iA Writer.

Blot is something similar for web. No database, just a collection of pages. Simple and fast. No comments, no analytics, no plugins.

It will be mostly focussed on writing and sharing photography from time to time.

Let’s see what it brings!

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