About Wilbert

Hi, nice to meet you

I’m Wilbert Baan, Head of Product Design at Dott, a Micromobility company focussed on a sustainable lifestyle. You find Dott bikes and scooters in different European cities like London and Paris.

I love building amazing Products and thrive on the intersection of Design, Technology and Business.

Working with teams exploring new opportunities, improving products and help people grow. I have over 15 years experience in strategy and design for tech products and services. The last 6 years in Product Leadership positions. More details on LinkedIn.

I’m a father of two boys and a girl. I live in The Netherlands and like sports. I play soccer, tennis with friends, running in the dunes or surfing the Dutch windy North Sea.

I graduated Art School with a thesis on data classification and a new type of mobile video interface.

This website has been a personal space for over 18 years. It started at Art School and is a place to share experiments, thoughts and ideas. It does not represent the companies I work for.

Get in touch by sending me a direct message through LinkedIn or Twitter.