(Real) Full Screen YouTube and Google video

Last week I started experimenting with the full screen functionality in the new flash player. I build a simple player that plays YouTube and Google videos full screen.

The Flash full screen is real full sreen. Use the [esc]-button to leave full screen modus. The right mouse button gives a menu.

Note: You need Flashplayer 9,0,18,60 to run Full Screen. Download it here. The latest version of Flash 9 will do.

Not the right version of Flash, see how it looks.

Permanent link video

More about implementing full screen Flash in Adobe Labs.

December 2 Update:
Right now I’m building a videoplayer for the Volkskrant, a Dutch newspaper and website. It allows everyone with a website to embed videoreports and reviews made by editors.

This videoplayer has the option to jump to full screen by right-clicking the screen or by clicking the fullscreen icon in the lowerright corner. You only see the button if you have the appropriate version of Flash installed. If you click [deze video op je weblog] (this video on your blog) you can set your own size for embedding the video on your website.

Link: Video: Recensie: Brad Pitt in Babel

More Volkskrant videos

December 7 update:
Download the *.fla source of the YouTube Fullscreen Flash file.

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Colin, are you sure you have the right version of Flash installed?

“You must have version 9,0,18,60 or greater of Flash Player installed to use full-screen mode. On Intel Macs, the current shipping version of the Flash Player is 9,0,20,0, but you must have 9,0,18,60 installed to use full-screen.”

Hey guys,
I have an iMac G5 running tiger 10.4.7 and I an having a wierd problem. Whenever I go to a site that has an embedded youtube, flash or some kind of video, there is no sound. If it a quicktime file there is no problem. There is not sound no matter what broswer I use, firefox, camino, safari, or shiira. And keep in mind that about a week ago I was not having this issue.

Help Would be awesome

@ Davion, I’m not sure what’s wrong, the problem doesn’t sound familiar to me. Try to re-install the Flash driver.

This works for me after Flash update. Is there a way I can bypass the initial screen that takes the youtube input? eg:instead of showing the video id as inputbox, I would like to code it as a link.

@ VJ, if I would make this it would still involve user interaction to go to full screen. Flash 9 security doesn’t allow full screen without a user activating it.

Hi Wilbert,

I think here is what I’m looking for. I’m new to flash, if you can share any solution you have or guide me, I really appreciate it.

1) Pass the youtube ID in HTML (eg: youtube_fullscreen.swf?video_id=xjfaoblabla somethinglike that)
2) When page is loaded it loads static image from youtube with play button.
3) When user clicks play it plays in the page OR fullscreen. Default could be anything.
4) When can toggle back and forth using Esc and right click –> view fullscreen


thanks, this is almost what I’m looking for. The only thing is, I dont want the input box with youtube ID displayed in the initial window. Instead just play button would be perfect. (may be a bigger play button). Please share if you happen to enhance this in such a way.

thanks again!

Would you mind sharing the fla file for this? I am trying to develop like this the way I described it, but can’t seem to get it. I’m using Flash 8 software.

What’s the chance of you publishing the code for the ‘(REAL) FULL SCREEN YOUTUBE AND GOOGLE VIDEO’ player or at least offering it for a nominal charge. The reason I ask is because it seems such a shame that you only offer support for YouTube and Google, when there are so many sites out there that use Flash Player, but haven’t yet gotten around to upgrading to the actual fullscreen viewing option.

James the swf file (player) I have build loads a Google or YouTube player, it is a simple workaround for the time being. I’m sure the guys over at Google Video and YouTube will incorporate the Flash fullscreen function sooner or later, it kind of depends on the spreading and popularity of Flash 9.

I’m not sure how much you know about Flash but with this source file (with code) it is relatively easy to build a fullscreenplayer for every swf player out there.

If there is a particular one you would like to see in this player just let me know.

Hi Wilbert, at the YouTube fullscreen mode the buttons stay at the same size/scale at the bottom of the screen, the video is scaled in x and y direction. That’s looking perfect. But my buttons also scale in both direction, so they become big and ugly. Any idea how to avoid it and keeping the original size?

Joe, the videos from YouTube and Google have script for this in the player. Script you can’t override. If you would like to make something yourself that doesn’t size with the screen you can use stage.scaleMode, with this you can set what your Flash Movie should do when scaled. For example when using “noScale” the buttons in your screen will always be the same size, like the YouTube and Google players.

With Stage.width you can read what the currents stage settings of the person viewing the movie are. With this you can continues reposition the buttons or menubar.

If have used something similar at, you can scale the movie (or go full screen) and the buttons top-left en bottom-right move along.

Does this answer your question?

Early in the morning an still trying… Very nice example at your site. I’m trying to get a solution for fix sized video (320×240 +overlay buttons) on the main page and fullscreen option with no change of size and position of the buttons. I’ll keep tryin…

Excellent zork, thanks a lot.
Could it be possible to auto-hide the status bar ?
COuld it be possible to add a parametrable by url version so we could bind-bookmark it (or GreaseMonkey it) ?

I am trying to load a game in full screen mode.. but it is not taking any key events except ESC key..

thx a lot now Ive binded it and can watch YouTube video in fullscreen with just Ctrl+L then “utfs YOUTUBECODE”,
but… it doesn’t open in fullscreen, I dunno why :p
It’s bigger than the original version, for sure, but it doesn’t open any new window (and if I open it in a new window and not a tab, same problem)

Hmm, I have no idea. Do you run the swf locally? If you run in in a browser make sure you have used the right embed code when embedding the swf.

< param name="allowFullScreen" value="true" />

@25 Hi Wilbert, here we go: (with fullscreen option). Enjoy the program and maybe you like to take part at the award. Hope that Maasvlakte will see me again soon. Tot ziens.

I use flash and dreamweaver, I have tried fiddling about with flash cs3’s fullscreen features, they work offline but not online. any ideas? I also downloaded your .FLA file and tried ploading that .swf file, again, your worked offline and not online. i have flash player 9 and have tested it on a number of computers.

Am i doing something wrong in flash, or am i doing something wrong in dreamweaver? if it helps i’m just putting it in a simple html page with an image at the top, then the flash underneath. it hasn’t got ang fancy bits, just html and flash.


Did you make sure to use the right embed tags? You have to allow full screen, make sure to add this in the embed code.

param name=”allowFullScreen” value=”true”

my problem is that is it goes full screen but doesnt play
i downloaded flash
still not working

@ken, I can’t reproduce your bug. It works for me, but this example is from 2006. Code and Flash have changed in the last years. I can’t really give you support on the code anymore. Check out the Flash Help files, they are very well documented on the FullScreen topic.

YouTube now has a FullScreen option in the player itself.

Good luck

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