Accessibility Notes

Yahoo Pipes

Yahoo Pipes is buzzing around the web for a few days now. Tim O’Reilly even calls it a milestone. The first days I couldn’t get in, now the bugs have been solved and you can start creating pipes yourself.

I think O’Reilly is right when calling it a milestone. Finally drag and drop programming is openly accessible in a web environment. We could already make and share videos (youtube), texts (blogs), friends (myspace) and photos (flickr) and publish this online.

Making programming available to everyone was the first item on the list with things not everyone can do. There will always be experts, but programming will eventually be as easy as taking a picture.

My first pipe
Because of all the snow last days I have made a Dutch snowsearcher. It is a combined RSS feed searching Flickr on snow and ice pictures in Dutch. Enjoy Yahoo Pipes, let me know if you have build one.

My Yahoo Pipe about snow / sneeuw