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Why my blog posts are getting longer

In this video Jyri Engeström and Petteri Koponen talk about Jaiku and life streams with Robert Scoble. Jyri is very good in explaining everything that is good about life streaming. (video via @Bakkel)

Since I started using Twitter I noticed I spend less time reading feeds and make longer blog postings. I’m not sure why I’m reading less feeds. I think the most interesting things come up in Twitter anyway. Or maybe Twitter takes up rss time?

I think I like the changed setup for this blog, less link dumping and more thinking, or at least more questions.

Will life streaming (and social bookmarking) in general will influence the popularity of link-dump-blogs?

Guest articles
If you would like to write a guest article on hypernarrative let me know.

I would love to host your thoughts on things or questions about new web services, media and technologies. How new technology influences the things we are used to do or how we will use applications in the future. Please let me know.

There are no rules other than that the text contains at least a relevant hyperlink, audio, photo or video (it is the internet after all) and more important it has to make you think or confuse for a little while.

Email me what you would like to do to, I’m looking forward to it.

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[…] Vooral Twitter heeft mij danig bezig gehouden de afgelopen maanden. Microblogging heeft met de lancering en vooral adoptie van de verschillende platformen een serieuze trend weten te genereren. Marco schreef al eerder over de afnemende blog postings in navolging van Scoble (lees en bekijk hier ook zijn interview met Jyri Engeström en Petteri Koponen). […]

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