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When the web and its users are big business

Businessweek runs an article about the power of Google and asks is Google is too powerful?

I was thinking about this a while ago. How many takeovers can you do on the web until authority and control mechanisms see your network of companies (websites) as a cartel?

If Google should ever think about taking over a very large network of sites (for example Yahoo, I don’t know if they could) the better do it fast. What if you own 90% of the search market? Or what if you are controlling the market and price for advertisements?

I think this also counts for other websites, for example Yahoo. With content-syndication and partner-deals the majority of the web users ends up on websites of a few major players. Microsoft was already forced to separate software (Windows) into parts by the EU trade commission.

When will trade commissions step into the web?

What do you think, should trade commissions get involved with the web? Or are the web (and its users) better of in a marketplace without regulation?

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