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What is the best dance or electronic record of 2006

Last year we invited producers and dj’s to make a list of the best songs of 2005. This year we (inge+me) build this supercool voting machine (with snow in the background) and invited the producers and dj’s to make the – quite long – shortlist.

There are almost 80 records in stock. You will see random sets. It’s up to you to decide the best record of the pair. If you rollover you hear 30 seconds of music. After clicking you see a percentage. This is indicating how popular a record is.

I’m really excited about voting this way, everyone gets different pairs to choose what’s best, there are so many possible combinations and different people. I think this is the best way to make a list and selection of the best records of the year.

On you can get a code to embed this application on your own blog or site and a complete list of percentages per record.

Feedback or records we have missed are welcome.

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