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Volkskrantreizen is live

The Volkskrantreizen frontpage

The last months I have been working on This is a new travel community website (and weekly travel section) for the newspaper where I work.

The website is a blog/diary/community made for stories about traveling. Every entry you write is connected to a spot, tips and tags. The countries, spots and tags have overview pages generated from the content within the community. The tips you give are connected to places.

For example if you like sailing you can search for stories and spots about sailing. If you would like to go to Barcelona you can look for tips and stories about Barcelona. You can find other people with similar interests and learn from them or ask questions.

The website uses Google Maps for different purposes. You can start your own travel diary and see all the spots you have written about on your personal Google Map. For video we also use a Google service. You just upload your file and everything is taken care of by Google Video.

The Volkskrantreizen personal page

Each entry you write is connected to a spot, place, city and country. The map connected to this place will automatically show up on top of your story giving your story an extra dimension.

The Volkskrantreizen entry page

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Daar kan ik je niet zoveel over zeggen omdat ik het niet weet. Oberon heeft de bouw van de site gedaan. Ik ben bezig geweest met concept en functionaliteit.

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