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Volkskrant 4.0, Free lunch just got better

the new Volkskrant website

Last week we launched the new Volkskrant website. The basic structure is improved, there are experiments with smart presentation tricks and video is embedded into the frontpage. The overall impression of the page moved from a traditional newspaper website to a news website powered by the well connected and organized infrastructure of a newspaper organization. With the adjusted setup of the organization behind the website the news will be faster, more complete, more interactive and more often exclusive. Most of the website improvement is in readability, accessibility and structure.

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[…] The odd thing is people are having difficulties with this appearance. I think the sentence in the introduction article is too simple, you can’t just separate form from functionality. From last years redesign I know it is difficult to radically change a news website. You’re not changing lay-out you’re changing everyone’s personal space and routine. […]

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