Videoclip: Justice > Stress

Justice – Stress from Freedom Record on Vimeo.

Romain Gavras made this amazing new clip for the track Stress by French band Justice. The clip is about youth in the French suburbs and how violence has become a way of life. The video is shot documentary style and shocking realistic (high quality Quicktime file). I hadn’t seen something like this for a while, interesting to see how Gavras and Justice use the video clip to spread a message.

Earlier Romain Gavras made the wonderful Signatune clip for DJ Medhi

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Great clips! On the NOS newsbroadcast they also showed a bit of the stress clip, but only mentioned it was ‘controversial’. I think your interpretation is correct. It suggests that the only way for those suburban kids to express themselves is through violence. I guess it says something about the paris-riots a few years ago as well…

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