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Ustream (2), the Apple Keynote and the Live Web

One More Thing live at Ustream covering the Apple Keynote

Yesterday Steve did his thing. His keynotes aren’t broadcasted live by Apple but enthusiasts around the world try to find ways to broadcast this event. The popular blogs Macrumorslive and Engadget keep you up-to-date via textbased information and photos during the presentation.

When I visited Ustream during the presentation yesterday there were a couple Apple related feeds. One was a live audio stream recorded in the hall, but pretty good. And the other one was a stream by a few Dutch Guys called ‘One More Thing‘ (OMT). OMT creates podcasts about the mac.

Yesterday OMT recorded their podcast while Steve was talking and broadcasted it live via Ustream. This was great. It was like looking at a local radio station, and this is a good thing. Podcasting is very similar to local radio. You can talk as much as you want, you can play what you want and you can talk about your cat for hours, if you want. It makes sense to broadcast your podcast live, although the reach of a recording is usually bigger, the combination is perfect.

The power of a podcast is that it is real. At yesterdays live recording by OMT there was interaction with the viewers, chaos of something happening live and small technical difficulties. This was the live thing of enthusiastic people, not a recording.

The Live Web
What this has to do with the live web? A posting on a blog has a time-span of several hours, or even days. The readers know the speed of the blog and read it at an interval. This is what is great about blogs, Flickr, MySpace and YouTube.

A new set of applications is driven by the ‘right here, right now’ principle. For example yesterday I found the steam of OMT and dropped the link on Twitter. At this time a few people in my contacts list copied it and pasted it within their ‘twitter community’. In this way the news spreads like a fire or like gossip in a small town. ALL LIVE!

The web is creating a live community structure that spread the word (or hyperlink) faster than blogs or Digg. This is really what the web needs. Big news events you used to hear via mobile phone or IM (both closed networks). The web was always to slow for spreading news with the speed of talk. News is a social thing. You tell your friends, because you know they care about hearing certain news, and they tell other friends, and so on.

  1. Twitter is live web (disrupts IM, SMS)
  2. Ustream is live web (disrupts live broadcasting)
  3. Do you know another live web technology? Drop a name in the comments.

Ustream is just an example of a service I like because of the simplicity, there are more sites out there experimenting with broadcasting with Flash media. Yesterday Alex from send an e-mail about his website.

“Hi Mr. Baan, My name is Alex and I am from the new internet company I was reading your Hypernarrative blog and I wanted to let you and your readers know about blogTV. BlogTV is a great place to showcase your talent, voice an opinion and interact with a real live audience. Our site enables anyone with a web cam to broadcast live from anywhere, interact with their viewers and invite them to co- host the show with them. Please have a look around at our site and, feel free to contact me if you have any comments or suggestions.”

I haven’t tried BlogTv yet, but the co-host option seems a nifty feature.

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