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Two of Us by Supermayer is the best dance record of 2007

Supermayer Two of Us best dance record of 2007

The record Two of Us by the Kompakt duo Supermayer is voted as the best dance record for 2007. The last month of 2007 almost 20.000 people made a total of 113.000 votes.


The voting machine we used is a widget like object. Websites can embed it. And with this the websites that embeds the voting widget decides the audience that does the voting. This has some effect on the results, because the election is a choice out of two random records the effect is limited.

For example when the popular music website Resident Advisor wrote about and embedded the election you could immediately see its influence on the results. Artist Nathan Fake ended third and this has a lot to do with taste of the Resident Advisor readers.

Overall I think we did another great election with great records and a really interesting and representative list of the top hundred dance records of 2007. I hope you have enjoyed the election and thanks for voting.

This is what we did in 2006 and this is what we did in 2005.

The voting widget. You can still listen, but your votes won’t count anymore.

If you have ideas how we could enhance the election mechanism or find another subject for the machine your ideas are very welcome.

I was thinking I could fill the election machine with points of view from US election candidates. You could find out what people think is most important and see which candidate supports it.