I’m on Twitter for three weeks now and still not sure what to do with it. I really like it, but can’t exactly tell why.

At first sight Twitter looks useless, but so did to me when I first noticed it.

Twitter is like Instant Messaging mixed with RSS. You can subscribe to someone’s stream and talk to someone. And of course opt-out whenever you like.

Maybe I like the buzz around it, a lot of stuff is happening. Everyday a creative mind has constructed a new feature. Who knows, for now it is a lot of fun.

Twitterrific for your desktop.
Twittervision a mashup with Google Maps.
Twitterment for comparing Twits.
Twittercamp Twit-visualization on the desktop.

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[…] I was reading Hypernarrative, the blog of Wilbert and he popped exactly the same question as I did a few days ago; I have Twitter now what? But I Like Twitter, the idea and the approach are just neat. The problem is that I don’t feel to post my activities by sms since that will cost me money (and I’m Dutch you know). I’ts still not possible to post to Twitter by MSN which is my favourite messenger. If that was possible I would use it more I guess… It takes to much time to login to Twitter every time I want to post something. […]

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