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The TwitterTicker


Last night I started playing with the Twitter API and RSS feeds and realized that a lot of tweets in Twitter contain an url. It would be nice if your computer could automatically detect the url and open it in the browser / same window. A sort of personal (bandwidth consuming) slideshow of hyperlinks send by Twitter-buddies. Like the Slashdot-effect without actually clicking a link.

So I started building a Flash application that does just this. We’ll see where it ends and if it will end in anything useful.

I will call it The TwitterTicker


Have fun playing with it and let me know what you think or would like. I will put the source code online soon so you can ‘professionalize’ my hacking.

And if anyone knows how to work around the slow Twitter cache let me know. I found out reading an XML works much faster than using the API.

6 replies on “The TwitterTicker”

Never thought about it :) Go ahead. I can give you the sourcecode. If you know a programmer who can clean it up and launch this for real that would be great.

I was just experimenting with it. The name is great although I’m not sure what to do with it.

My initial thought was to make a tool that can slideshow the url’s listed within tweets. Although I like the way it works for following hyperlinks in tweets.

[…] How it works The idea is simple. I have build a bar similar to the twitterticker. The top layer reads an RSS file from twitter and scans for a certain word. Right now it is the word ‘:’ for testing purposes. I think it will change to PICNIC or something similar. So you can just use the word ‘PICNIC’ in your twitter messages. […]

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