The monster of FrankenDigg

Today Digg deleted a submitted story that contained the description key to crack HD dvd’s. As a results Digg users show they control the Digg-site by submitting it over and over again. Turning Digg into a useless piece of web 2.0 over night.

I’m sure Digg was forced by a powerful lobby, letters and lawyers, but this shows again that Digg doesn’t control its creation, the visitors do.

It makes no sense to do damage control like this, data never dies and acting like this will attract only more focus to a vague description key that doesn’t make sense to me or most people.

The web is all about information, when it is out there you can’t just pull it off. If you want to keep it for yourself you have to make sure it doesn’t get there.

And the number is gone from Wikipedia too

via Inge