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The electortube is warming up

Next year is an election year in the US. This isn’t probably news to you. In this upcoming election year the web will play an even more substantial role in fundraising and community building then ever before.

The past US election was all about blogs and bloggers, about articles, essays, the truth. This online election race will be about social networks, friends, and your face on YouTube.

Elections connect to people personally. When people get involved into something they believe in it stimulates them to be creative. I’m sure we will see a lot of really interesting, confronting, critical and funny things this election year.

Instant YouTube hero ParkRidge47 made the video above this blog post. The changed Apple commercial is so right for many reasons. A social web isn’t just a channel for spreading your word it is about communicating. If you’re not joining the conversation you’re not there.

There is an excellent article in the Guardian about this video, you should definitely read it. (via Textually TV)