EN.nl news website
EN.nl news website


What is you start a news website from scratch and try to leverage technology the furthest we can. This is the question that got us started with EN.nl. We build a completely autonomous news website. A news service that learned readers behavior and adapted to the individual reader.

The year long journey brought learned us a lot about find a balance between editor’s and automation. The rise of personalisation. What people say they want and what they actually click. And how to build a strong technical news infrastructure that’s versatile and flexible. As a product owner I was responsible for the innovation project. The EN.nl project was a project of de Volkskrant Innovation department. The technology, research and learnings from EN.nl benefitted multiple sites and projects within de Volkskrant, resulting in an optimzed workflow and readers behavior.


Design Research, Product Design, Product Owner, Interaction Design, Visual Design


2009 – 2010


EN (Volkskrant), www.en.nl (site is offline, available through archive.org)

EN.nl had the first iPhone optimized news website in the Netherlands
EN.nl NRC Handelsblad newspaper clipping

Screen recoding