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Hago Zorg is a mobile platform that gives hospitals real-time insight in the hygenic status of a bed. It’s an extention to the cleaning services they provide. Better service by better insights.

Over 80.000 hospital beds are cleaned in a large hospital every year. Hospitals need insights for quality control and safety. Hago Zorg extended the service with a digital component using NFC chips and smartphones. This contributed to Hago Zorg being the #1 supplier to (6 out of 8) University Hospitals in the Netherlands.


Design Research, Product Design


2012 – Current


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Using iBeacons to connect things to people

Yesterday we received Gimbal proximity beacons. These beacons – or iBeacons as Apple calls the technology – have a small battery and submit a low energy bluetooth signal. This signal can be used within apps to detect if someone (a smartphone) is close (proximity) to a beacon. The app can trigger actions based on the signal.

Currently these beacons are used at the SXSW conference to connect the audience during a presentation. You can also find them being used in Apple stores and at stadiums.

The most exciting part is that it connects you to objects and places. And it’s opt in. Beacons can only be reached if you use a pre-designed app. You won’t be a walking target for unwanted messages.