Find My Bike. Finding your bicycle using beacons



What if you could never forget where you parked your bike (or car) again? This is what’s FindMyBike is all about. Small low cost beacons are added to a bycicle, these connect to the FindMyBike app and this will always remember you where you left your bike.

This project was a personal and typical Dutch itch. Traveling to Amsterdam by car and train – using different train stations – I always forgot at what station I left my bike after not using it for several days or weeks. This app helps you remember not only where you put your bicycle but also locate it using a changing color scheme.

It’s also great for cars. We all remember that time we forgot where we parked our car.

The lessons learned from this beacon project led to this case where we measure foot traffic in stores. Never underestimate side-projects.


Design Research, Product Design, Product Owner


2014 – 2015



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