Design in Tech report 2015 by John Maeda

Slide from Design In Tech Report 2015

As Design Partner at Venture Capital firm KPCB John Maeda released the Design in Tech Report 2015 earlier in March this year. It gives a great overview of what’s happening in the design field at this moment. Where design is getting more relevant to companies with the month.

We get more and faster technology, with more and different contact moments. This makes it more difficult to make easy to use products and services. Resulting in giving companies that are design driven an advantage.

I answered some questions in a survey in the approach to this report, you can find my name – really small – somewhere in slide 30 where designers where asked if coding skills matter for a designer. As an answer. I think they do. Coding skills do make you a better designer, it makes you understand how thinks work. You don’t have to be a top coder. It’s like being an architect understanding the impact of construction and materials make you a better designer.

Design in Tech Report
Design in Tech Report

Inspirerende video’s

In de vorige post kwam het al naar voren, meer technologie, minder controle. De verschuiving van een hiërarchische structuur en cultuur naar een netwerkcultuur. Onderstaande video’s en commercials benadrukken nog eens hoe verbonden alles is.
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