“Bitcoin desperately needs design”

The IDEO futures podcast interviews Andreas Antonopoulos, author of Mastering Bitcoin.

In the interview he is talking about design methapors and the problems surrounding Bitcoin and blockchain mass-adoption right now.

It’s interesting too see that a lot of the things happening in this space are inevitable. At the same time there is still so much too gain. From a design perspective there is huge potential in this domain.

Certainly worth your time to listen if you’re into bitcoins and design.


Tom and David Kelley being interviewed at Google about innovation, design, IDEO and their book Creative Confidence

In this interview Tom and David Kelley from IDEO inspire me with their sharp thinking about design. They talk about experiments, behavioral economists, bush fires and guided mastery.

Tom and David Kelley being interviewed at Google about innovation, design, IDEO and their book Creative Confidence.

Design Notes

Tim Brown; Tales of Creativity and Play

Een fijne TED video. Tim Brown over creativiteit en spelen.

Meer van TED: 10 talks about the beauty — and difficulty — of being creative


Make stuff

So true, and way more fun than making powerpoint slides ;)

David Kelley of IDEO, via Raimo


Design vs numbers

Why a design perspective helps building a better company, Design Thinking Starts At The Top

The late Bill Moggridge, director of Smithsonian’s Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum, made an important point when he discussed how companies will readily employ business management consultants to study and suggest organizational change from a numbers standpoint, but then fail to follow through on that change with a visual representation of it.

Moggridge went on to say, “I think that’s where design has a fresh opportunity to be influential because, as designers, we know how to create a prototype of some example that illustrates that change. We can show something. We can show an experience. We can show a design solution, and that’s much more real to the management who are receiving the input than the realistically dry report.”

If you like the subject of design driven innovation make sure to read Change by Design by IDEO’s Tim Brown.