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Hago Next

@lly is the worlds first mobile cleaning kit. It helps cleaning personnel during their working day. Enabling autonomy and self control. Reducing management and improving quality.

@lly redefined the Dutch cleaning market. Resulting in a ground-breaking cleaning company, Hago Next. The service added transparancy to a very closed industry. The mobile service is being used over a 1.000.000 hours at companies like Coca Cola, O’Neill, Achmea and Ziggo.


Design Research, Product Design, Product Owner, Product Strategy


2010 – Current


Vebego, vebego.com, Hago Next

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Hago Zorg

Hago Zorg is a mobile platform that gives hospitals real-time insight in the hygenic status of a bed. It’s an extention to the cleaning services they provide. Better service by better insights.

Over 80.000 hospital beds are cleaned in a large hospital every year. Hospitals need insights for quality control and safety. Hago Zorg extended the service with a digital component using NFC chips and smartphones. This contributed to Hago Zorg being the #1 supplier to (6 out of 8) University Hospitals in the Netherlands.


Design Research, Product Design


2012 – Current


Hago Zorg, hagozorg.nl

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