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The Urban Explorers 2009 video interface

The Urban Explorers video interface (live report) from Wilbert Baan on Vimeo.

For the music and art festival Urban Explorers festival I made a special video interface. During the festival reporters uploaded video with their mobile phones. The video was categorized on artists, venues and makers based on the video title. The project used the Blip API.

Give it a try.

Video interface for the Urban Explorers festival 2009

The report was done by reporters. I was supposed to be a reporter as well, but missed the festival because of the birth of Benjamin.

The process of building the interface can be found here.

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I voted, storytelling with public databases

I’m a big fan of public databases, the live web and storytelling. I think they all give new opportunities for interactive and online storytelling. Twitter itself a very interesting database. Because it tells you what is going on and the API is very good.

About “I voted”
The next days American citizens will vote for either McCain or Obama. My guess is a lot of Twitter users will say on Twitter when, and on who they voted. This Flash application uses Twitter Search to see who voted on who. The animation automatically updates with the most recent tweet.

For this animation I use (used to be
The query:

Mobile Picnic07 Projects

A countdown clock for the Momo 90 Seconds pitch

For the Momo 90 seconds pitch in Amsterdam I made a simple countdown clock. Try it yourself by clicking on the clock.

Tomorrow is Momo in Amsterdam. It’s the second Mobile Monday organized in the Netherlands. I really liked the first momo, especially the mobile social networking part.

The event is not officially connected to the Picnic week, but it could easily be a (pre)picnic conference (same week, same city).

Tomorrow the momo-guys will try something new; the 90 seconds pitch (I don’t think this needs explanation). I build a small countdown for the background channel.

If you ever need a 90 second countdown clock feel free to use this one: Click to activate and click again to reset.