Reading tips from 2018

The books and stories I liked most are about long term thinking and taking a long view. How to be sustainable on all axes. People, profit, planet.

All four books are very honest, discussing mistakes, lessons and luck. How staying close to key principles – and open to others – help to build great companies.

Om’s blog is great, and this is a great interview with Brunello Cucinelli, the king of cashmere on quality and long term thinking

Yale’s Most Popular Class Ever: Happiness this is a sign of the times.

The Leading Design Slack, started by Andy Budd. There are so many valuable discussions happening here.

2018 was the year I spend more time in different Slack groups then on social networks. I closed my Facebook account and I’m thinking about doing the same with Instagram.

I still love Twitter and make a lot of pictures. I have put some on VSCO


Building habits

I started blogging over 12 years ago. Starting a blog was the easiest way to share ideas and work.

Over time it got easier, WordPress came around and I got better at it.

The challenging part of writing is starting with it and keep doing it. It’s like any other skill. You have to create a habit, stick to it and keep practicing.

When to hit publish?
When Twitter and Facebook really took of I moved from blogs to Twitter and my posting frequency declined and died a slow death. There is so much good stuff to read. Why should I write more? When is something enough to publish?

I do miss it, not because I have something to share with the world. I like how writing makes me organise my thoughts. And make it easier to shape an idea into something that can be easily communicated to other people.

Since a couple of years I co-organise the Behavior Design meetup in Amsterdam. It’s a quarterly meetup about the design of behavior. We ask experts and designers to share their insights.

Over the years I learned a lot about how to change behavior. The model that BJ Fogg presents still stands out to me, because it’s so simple and easy to apply. (B) Behavior = (M) Motivation (A) Ability (T) Trigger (B = MAT).

So let’s try some behavior design analysis to my writing :)

So here’s my goal. Writing helps me structure ideas. I want to improve this behavior (B) and be better at communicating ideas.
The motivation (M) is ‘oke’, it’s not really high, I don’t want to be a writer. I do wan’t to improve. I do like writing.

In BJ Fogg his model you want all actors in the model to work together. If motivation is low, you need to make it really easy to do and by creating a trigger you ensure that you keep doing it.

My Ability (A) is quite high. I have a million excuses to do other stuff. Although finding 30 minutes to write can’t be that hard. There is no technical barrier anymore. Medium is a great way to share stories and get feedback from people. All you need is browser and a computer. No excuses here.

Then the most important part. The trigger (T), it’s what makes you start and what keeps you going. I used to write a lot on my daily commutes in the train. Which is a great trigger. Sit, music and a slow internet connection. I now commute by car to the office, so I need to find another time and pace.

Having a pace is important. Don’t start at a pace that is too high, and don’t make it too slow either, if you don’t write often your stories become way to important and to important to finish.

Not sure what my pace and trigger is yet. Let’s start with once a week.


Bye bye, hello Moving to a new domain

I decided to group everything I do on the web and move this to This means closing an old portfolio and moving the blog over here.

I’ve been in doubt for a while why I should keep my blog up and running. Since I stopped frequently blogging a few years ago. Anyway, I decided it still makes sense to keep personal stuff on a private server, but it makes sense to keep it all in one place ;)



Projects SXSW

Mijn verslag van SXSW 2013 en de belangrijkste les van dit jaar


De afgelopen week was ik op South by Southwest in Austin, Texas. Voor het Financieele Dagblad hield in een blog bij op Verderop staan links naar de zes stukken die ik heb gemaakt.

“De trend”
Ieder jaar wordt er wel gesproken over de “trend van sxsw”. Maar vaak is dit relatief, SXSW is zo groot en breed dat de lezingen en panels die je bezoekt en de mensen die je spreekt sterk bepalen wat je trend is. Je kunt een week alleen maar praatjes over social media volgen of dit helemaal mijden.

Voor mij was de belangrijkste les dat het niet meer gaat over schermen, social media, apps of websites. Online innovatie werd lang gedreven door content in een bepaalde context, het web of mobile, maar het gaat nu vooral over over diensten.

Diensten die optimaal gebruik maken van een technologie en een netwerksamenleving. Deze diensten zijn ‘disruptive’ in alle gebieden waar ze zich voordoen. Gezondheid, energie, educatie, financiën, transport, entertainment.

Startups schuwen hierbij hardware of complexiteit niet meer.

Mijn stukjes
Een Texaans festival van disruptie
inloggen is bij FD verplicht, lees het artikel hier zonder FD account

Een prothese uit de printer
inloggen is bij FD verplicht, lees het artikel hier zonder FD account

De wereld van Elon Musk, een les in groot denken
inloggen is bij FD verplicht, lees het artikel hier zonder FD account

Chaos, toeval en een hackaton
inloggen is bij FD verplicht, lees het artikel hier zonder FD account

Sensoren op het lichaam
inloggen is bij FD verplicht, lees het artikel hier zonder FD account

Spugen voor een DNA-analyse
inloggen verplicht, lees het artikel hier zonder inlog

Bij Stanford gedragsdesignguru BJ Fogg



Reversed design

In March I updated the design of this blog because I wanted it to be more a portfolio website. It didn’t work out that well. The black background was difficult to read (thanks for all the comments and ideas). And this blog is a blog, changing it into a portfolio makes it less a blog and more serious. Bad idea. I like the simplicity of a blog, I’ll just figure out something else for a portfolio.

old new design

It didn’t work out so I’m switching back to white and simple and will focus more on posting great things ;)

Experiments Notes Projects

Thinking about starting a new blog

A while ago we lost all the stylesheets at the Dutch electronic music blog Eclectro. So we rebuild it.

Eclectro tries to be a blog with a positive vibe about electronic music. By using the tools the web offers we try to connect producers and listeners in a way that everyone benefits and has a great time. For me the most exciting experiences with the blog are those where an artist we follow (and who follows the blog) get to do new great things.

I think for what Eclectro is doing in the music scene there is also some space for a Dutch blog about (electronic) art, clothes, architecture, photography DIY, and more with a focus on Dutch upcoming artists. We have enough blogs about internet and marketing ;) we could use some positive and easy to read blogs about art.

Just do It, think later screenshot
So I started it. Just to try out the idea. It’s a beta version, not in any technical way, since I can use the Eclectro templates.

It is a beta from content perspective. I started posting short articles to see if I there are enough interesting things to write about. And if the collection makes something that is adding something to the Dutch blogosphere.

I also started reaching out to some people with different interests and background to ask them if they are interested in sharing things, thoughts and knowledge.

For me right now the only reason not to continue the adventure is time, everything new costs time. And starting a group blog is incredible time consuming. But it is for the greater good!

You can find the blog at If you want to share something, or a link. Let me know.