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@lly is the worlds first mobile cleaning kit. It helps cleaning personnel during their working day. Enabling autonomy and self control. Reducing management and improving quality.

@lly redefined the Dutch cleaning market. Resulting in a ground-breaking cleaning company, Hago Next. The service added transparancy to a very closed industry. The mobile service is being used over a 1.000.000 hours at companies like Coca Cola, O’Neill, Achmea and Ziggo.


Design Research, Product Design, Product Owner, Product Strategy


2010 – Current


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Hago Next @lly NFC
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Infection Prevention Monitor

Infectie Preventie Monitor Award Winning
Infectie Preventie Monitor Design

Infection Prevention Monitor

Hospitals have regular audits regarding quality control. Those audits are done by experts filling in forms, scorecards and making reports.

We build a tool that highly automates this process. It helps auditers to report scores, check refererences and log events. This automatically translates to a digital score card send out the minute an auditer leaves the hospital. The tool also generates a draft report. Optimzing quality and efficiency.

The service was awarded with two industry leading innovation awards.


Design Research, Product Design, Interaction Design, Visual Design


2012 – Current



Infectie Preventie Monitor Award Winning