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Storytelling with the Flickr API

Flickr API test tag art

Today I experimented with the Flicrk API. An API is an external programmable interface that connects to a database, it allows external developers to access the content in the database. In this case I can access the photos on Flickr by using a free license (API-key).

2.269.526.982 photos
Everyday millions of photos are uploaded to Flickr. While writing this post 4.871 pictures are uploaded every minute and the total of photos uploaded to Flickr is 2.269.526.982. Most of these photos are tagged with meta information, like a title, description, user generated tags and device generated (shutter speed, type of camera, coordinates). That’s a lot of information.

Slideshow experiment
For this first experiment I use thirteen slides to tell something general about myself. Every slide loads the most recent images from the Flickr database based on a tag that corresponds to the slide.

The slideshow plays by itself and has no interaction, it’s linear, but not static. Every time you play the slideshow the content can be different, the story won’t.

How would you combine live data feeds with storytelling?

Flickr API test tag music

11 replies on “Storytelling with the Flickr API”

Hi Wilbert not sure how I stumbled upon your blog – I find hypernarrative constsnatly fascinating and thought provoking.

Keep up the great work

Thick! :) Very nice to look at, especially while listening to ambient to provoke an atmosphere of confusion.

It would be great if the mashup could also incorporate music on the basis of a tag. One could imagine that each session triggers one of the used tags for Flickr to search for music (for instance on, pick one random mp3 that connects to that tag, and plays it as background music. I recall that music makes more than half of the sensation while watching a movie, so that would be a great way to enhance the feeling that accompanies the narrative.

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