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Ready for Joost (almost)

Finally I’m a member of the Joost beta test group. Only one thing. My G4 Powerbook is not supported, yet. I need Windows XP or a Mac with an Intel processor to see the future of television…

Maybe I can find an abandoned one in the office tomorrow.

What is nice is that Joost is using a similar strategy as Gmail to expand the network slowly and at the same time build a buzz.

“We’re gradually expanding our network, and we’d like you to invite new people to come and join in.

Every once in a while you will receive tokens, enabling you to send invitations to friends, family or anyone else who you think will enjoy watching internet TV. Each invitation will cost you one token, regardless of whether your invitation has been accepted or refused.

Number of invitations you can send: 0″

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i would like to have an invitation too, if you HAVE ONE.
if you have one plzz send it to kunitiwa@hotm….com

i didn’t wrote (hotmail) pga spam, although i send viruses to does who send me spam.

Yes you can I guess. As soon as they start distributing again. I’m not sure why they stopped, but I think it is temporary.

i know why, you have to log in in the program and then into my joost there you can send invitations…

Ah ok, I also got a message from Joost but couldn’t find the invitations on the website. My powerbook is not supported by Joost, maybe I’ll have a chance to login to Joost this weekend and send you the invitation.

allready have one, forgot to say, but thx anyway??
i’m gonna give to a friend then,

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