Experiments Projects


This weekend I started working on a portfolio. I think it is nice to make a place where things can be combined and showed in another way than a blogcatagorie on this blog.

I like to organize and catagorize data, this will come back in the portfolio. I have build a prototype that makes it possible to organize all projects by two axes (left, bottom). You – as a user – can fill the axes by making a selection from the lists on the top left and bottom right. For example the selection time (x) and video (y) will order all projects in time from left to right and the projects that are most related to video higher.

In the end the system will enable everyone to sort the projects on progress in time, change in technique, my personal interests, etc.

Take a look: (Don’t be distracted by the background video, this is random and can be changed by refreshing. In the end I want to replace this by some slow moving abstract images.)


If you have any comments, suggestions or ideas, please let me know in the comments.

P.s. If you have the right version of Flash you can use the rightmouse menu to go to fullscreen mode.