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Poll: How to launch a successful social network?

Bob Barker Quiz show host

What is the key success factor for a social application or service? I used to think this was a great functionality that makes it unique. Like was unique and so were Flickr, Twitter or Delicious. They created something new.

Most new applications have social network components. You can share, invite and more. I wonder what is more important for a new successful project. Is it the network you are building around your service or is it the technical environment?

Content is important, Originality and Technology are, but the People using your great invention are equally as important to make your service a success.


2 replies on “Poll: How to launch a successful social network?”

The Poll is just some fun, but it shows you what the problem really is. Starting a successful social network depends on many different variables. It is difficult to focus on one of these aspects.

Google bought Jaiku, which looks technically more stable than Twitter, although most of this probably has something to do with the size of its user-base. so far Twitter has proven to be better in attracting more users and attention. Either way, for this purchase the people using it (the social network) doesn’t seem to be the most important.

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