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Picnic Day #2 a review of Keen vs. Weinberger

Marco Derksen photographs Weinberger, Mossberg and Keen
Photo by Marco Derksen, click to zoom.

Today was the second Picnic day. Together we published an incredible amount of information. Ad to this my personal notes and I could write a pretty long essay about the last two days.

Somehow I don’t feel that writing down what happened the last two days will contribute to whatever there is made already. So this is just a small take of todays main event. Maybe I have some time to sort out more of the information this weekend.

The most anticipated keynote for today was the keynote by David Weinberger and the response by Andrew Keen. This discussion was moderated by Walt Mossberg. David Weinberger is a very good keynote speaker. Andrew Keen doesn’t give up, and that’s about it. A heavy discussion without an ending.

Erwin Blom reviews Weinberger vs. Keen (dutch)

Picnic theme of the day

David Weinberger, Andrew Keen and other speakers talked about giving meaning to data. David gives meaning by meta-data or co-creation. Someone talked about extracting meaning with software and Andrew believes in editorial reviewed content.

I think giving meaning to data was the theme for day #2 @ Picnic 2007

Slideshow by Jim Stolze