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Picnic 2007 The Aggregator is LIVE

Picnic Aggregator
The aggregator is ready, the conference is ready and we are ready. This afternoon the Picnic conference starts officially and we will try to catch the live coverage using a mash-up of different web-technologies.

The aggregator is an interesting experiment in using the web for live event coverage/journalism. The filtering is based on the theme (picnic 2007). Everyone can join using e-mail, mobile, webcam, blogs, sms, phone calls or anything else you can think of.

This is a multimedia experiment with collective journalism or collective event registration, it doesn’t really matter how you call it. It’s live and time-shifted at the same time. Some people will write whatever they hear or think of, others will think it over and recap at the end of the day.

If you’re not at the picnic conference you can virtually join the conference through

Let me know what you think of the aggregator and what you like or don’t like about it. If you are a Picnic visitor share your stories! This friday we will review the tools. You’re invited to join this session.

The aggregator

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