Parking Spaces by Martin Parr

Martin Parr Parking Spaces
Martin Parr’s new book called Martin Parr: Parking Spaces, Limited Edition is out. For € 95,- this latest binded photographic artwork can be yours.

Maybe we should port the from free music tickets to books. There is a lot of promo-material available out there. As long as you can create a certain reach.

Just make sure a publisher sends you a book, you publish the excerpt and some links to reviews. People sign up if they want the book. After X weeks you give the book away to a random subscriber.

Or maybe you can just write a review yourself or give it away and ask a review in return. It is all about creating the right (valuable) community / context.

Tip: Listen to an interview with Martin Parr, about how he works and about his new book.

2 replies on “Parking Spaces by Martin Parr”

Right, but in this case, why would you want to? Parr’s personal crusade against “propoganda” has become so unafraid of banality, that it’s unforgivably boring and completely irrelevant.

Parking Spaces is more about the collection instead of the photographs. I think Parr is a great photographer. The collection is an original idea, but is this Parr at his best?

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