One Year of

Today I celebrate my first year on A year ago I created my account. In this year had a small redesign and was extended with new functionalities, my friends joined and I convinced a colleague (and producer) to put his music on

But above all, I installed the plugin and started submitting tracks. In this year something changed. Listening to a track without noticing it is like not telling a friend your secrets. I want to know what I listen to. I want to tell me who I am, who my neighbours are and where and when to go out. is the core of the social revolution. A computer application you do not need, but can’t do without.

I have submitted over 29.000 tracks, wrote two journals and tagged six songs, I listened to the same songs in the same morning as a friend, I spend long working days as a zombie listening to my personal radio, infected the three colleagues around me and got super compatible with a few friends. is useful uselessness.

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