On Changing Your Mind…

I never liked running, it always seemed boring and pointless.

With three small kids and changing to a job where I’m in the same office a lot – which I also reach by car – running became the easiest maintainable solution to get some extra movement during the week.

It’s convenient, you just put on your shoes, go out and you’re done.

Changed my mind
After two summers and now my first winter I have totally changed my mind about running. I no longer hate it, I really love it.

Being outside for a while. Trying to get better and faster with every run. I’m still surprised that something I did not like at all became something I now love.

Apple Watch + Strava
Over the past years I tried a couple of different devices to track my activity. It started with Fitbit devices (Classic, Flex, Charge), then the Pebble 2 and eventually I ended up with an Apple Watch 2nd generation.

I used Nike Plus for a while, only it failed on me a couple times not recording a run (once at the start of a race). Since 2018 I’m back on Strava and I really like the community and dashboards.

Apple Health
I’ll make sure all of my data goes into Apple Health. It’s amazing how good of a hub Apple Health has become. It’s really nice to have one place where you can collect all kinds of different data about yourself and build a dashboard.

I’m still frustrated that I have years of activity data in Fitbit and I’m not able to get it out into Apple health. I basically had to start over again.

2018 targets
My first target was to finish the 8k, afterwards it became the 8k under 34 minutes and being able to run to the beach and back. Which I now all completed.

For the end of this year the target is to run below 4 minutes a kilometer for 10 kilometers in a row.

Strava data
Strava data