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My livingroom Dj-set streaming live on the web

Eclectro Directo

We thought up something new at the Eclectro Music blog. Every week at 21.00 C.E.T. we will do a live Dj set on the web using Ustream.

A Dj streams his one hour set via line-in and webcam from his living room and we just gather on Eclectro to listen and chat.

Since I opted the idea I was the one to start the first show. This was fun after not using the dj-set (or buying records) for over a year.

Next week Dj David Star will be showing his skills. If you are a dj or electronic artist and would like to perform live on the web in front of a live Dutch audience, send me an e-mail.

These new applications creating a live web amaze me every time. Blogging and chatting live with your audience at a concert using Streaming a dj-set using Ustream. Making a weekly program using Operator11. Redifing the definition of friends on Twitter.

All these things are on a high amateur level right now, everything is an experiment. But all these experiments are great and taking interactive communication to the next level. The web was always about publishing and pre-recorded material (you needed serious infrastructure to stream). These new applications are all about interactive streaming of words, images and sound. Right here, right now.

Below is the Dj-set I did last night. This is the recording, it was much more fun live ;) See you next friday @ eclectro.

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