My Big Data

Big Data is a hot topic and for a good reason. Almost exclusively the topic is about big data in companies. What we often don’t realize is that we’re gathering enormous amounts of data as well.

Below some personal stats. Imagine what would happen if you connect those sources.

99.098 listened tracks on
1.120 Evernote notes
49.563 pictures in iPhoto
245.544 steps taken with FitBit
5.825 tweets on Twitter
268.521 items read in Google Reader
39.678 e-mails in Gmail
493 checkins on Foursquare

And counting…

3 replies on “My Big Data”

Nice one!

Let’s compare :-)

26669 songs in
525 notes in Evernote
4171 saved links in Pinboard
19064 pictures on Flickr
18676 tweets on Twitter
300000+ items read in Google reader
14546 recieved e-mails in Gmail (since 2010, via Gmail Meter script running for a day, nice stats though)
1629 checkins on Foursquare

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