Michael Arrington Interview and The Best European Blogs and Startups

Michael Arrington created an startup / entrepreneur-news-magnet with his Techcrunch blog. Last weeks I heard a few times people saying that we should have an ‘European Techcrunch’ with all the great startups that are based in Europe.

I think some focus on European concepts, startups or bloggers would be good. We have a diverse and small communities in every country, with cultural differences and global similarities. We have a great infrastructure, great universities and last but not least we have great food. I’m sure that we build massive amounts of cool stuff, only compared to international standards we seem to be hiding it pretty good.

Who are the European Bloggers / weblogs that are good?

  1. The Ludologist, Jesper Juul (Games, Copenhagen)
  2. Textually (Mobile phones, Switzerland)
  3. We make Money not Art (Art, I’m not sure, all around Europe)
  4. NEW: Vecosys (Startups, United Kingdom)
  5. NEW: Veerle (Design, Belgium)
  6. ….

And the topics or companies? What are European start-ups / success stories?

  1. Netvibes (France)
  2. (United Kingdom)
  3. Jaiku (Finland)
  4. Wakoopa (Netherlands)
  5. The Internet Address Book (Netherlands)
  6. ….

Help to create the list about other great European bloggers and startups that should be on a list. Leave the names in the comments.

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