Yournews, a video interface for mobile video and citizen journalism (graduation project)

Yournews (renamed to Medialandschap) is a project designed to amplify the power of low-end video content people create. At a growing speed this by users created content – so called ‘citizen journalism’ – is created and spread online. Yournews ask users to upload this video, usually created with mobile phones or digital photo-cameras and uses meta information to create a rich set of data.

The visual interface and structure enhance the value of the information in order to get more and a better coherent information structure for users to play with, form and reshape.

The news videos created by people will connect to videos with content alike.


The button is click and drag, the raised level of a box indicates the amount of videos, the color signals how long ago a new video was posted in a box, the slider allows you to go back into time. The 3 layers above the map are video channels automatically generated.

The interface uses many different axes to sort information, giving the user freedom and make it easy to search large collections of data. Axes like: time, location, popularity, latest changes, additions, amount, subject or on a visual selection (attractive images). Users are also able to view broadcasts based on predefined values. The goal of the interface is to be very clear and easy to use, like an infographic.