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Machinima in Amsterdam

Tonight there’s a lecture in Amsterdam about creating movies by using game technology. The so called machinima. Last year the Washington Post wrote an interesting article about the rise of independent film makers using this cheap technology.

The Amsterdam Stedelijk Museum (SMCS) has a current exhibition about the machninima phenomena.

Talking tonight is Freidrich Kirschner an award winning movie maker and editor of the Machinima magazine, he will talk about Machinima, show his movies and a new machina tool based on the Unreal Tournament game.

Still person2184 Episode One

“Person 2184 is a three part machinima series running inside the game unreal tournament 2004 from epicgames.
It shows strange happenings in an urban environment not very far from here and now.
Gifted people, ubiquitous media and loneliness inside a crowd of people drive the stories behind these short visual tales.

Running inside the game means that you can also download person2184 as a modification to your original game Unreal Tournament 2004 and play the movies in-engine in realtime on your computer.”

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update: a short of review of the lecture (in Dutch)