A List of Digital Design Resources

My Desk
My Desk

I design a lot of mock-ups and prototypes for products. Sometimes visual design is part of it, often it’s not. We design a product, make a business case with the client. Test it and start developing it. Most of our products are used within companies (B2B).

Last year I’ve been also “fixing” a lot of interactive products. Apps that technically function perfectly, but aren’t living up to the expectations in usage or behavior.

My favorite tools
I completely switched from Illustrator to Sketch last year. I use Keynote a lot and Invision to share prototypes within companies. The Sketch > Dropbox > Invision workflow works really well for me.

I played with Framer and this is definitely on my list for 2015. Since smart interaction becomes more complex, dynamic and difficult to explain without making interactive demo’s.

Here are some design libraries, references or prototyping software I bookmarked, it might help you. Want to add something to this list send me a tweet @wilbertbaan

Typeform (forms)
Google Forms, use this a lot for getting a lot of insights, fast
Evernote, it’s the best way to combine notes, pictures of documents and photos

Pixate, prototyping tool
Mockuuups, Sketch & Photoshop mockups
Artefact Cards, Small cards for drawing and prototyping
UI8 wireframe kit
Proto.io mobile prototyping tool
Keynotopia, templates

Sketch App Sources
Flaticon, icons
Facebox, Stock Avatars of real people
Iconic, SVG icon font

For journalists
Charted, make great looking charts from Google spreadsheets
Timeline JS, create timelines

A Designers Guide to DPI
MaterialUp, Material Design showcases
Physics based animations by Ralph Thomas
Pttrns, iPhone and iPad user interfaces
Google Material Design introduction
Cognitive Lode, a series of tips around applying Behavior Design in your design work
Zurb design triggers, more tips applying Behavior Design
WearUI.co, examples of wearable interfaces
Pinterest, there are thousands of interface and design examples on Pinterest
Brand identity style guides, browse through a large collection of identity style guides