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Just having fun with flash and a webcam, the result: Aphextwinalize me!

I like how easy it is to control a webcam inside flash. A lot of people have a webcam and the flash plugin so you can easily use it for a project or website.

I already did a few experiments with webcams.

  1. Fade in- fade out, when you stop moving you will fade out.
  2. Time for time. Based on the first experiment this is an installation that will only give you time when you give it time. You have to stop moving.
  3. The third experiment I did used motion detection and connected fading logos to motion.
  4. For eclectro we started doing DJ-sets using webcams and the Ustream service, I was the first to play.
  5. A few years ago I made a short video about war. I recorded television with my webcam and changed meaning.

This is experiment 6. The Aphextwinalizer. With this webcam application you can make a screenshot with your face on your favorite record cover. Right now there is just one cover by Aphex Twin. I will post this also on the Eclectro blog and ask readers for other great covers, so I can extend the application.

The application
A screenshot of the application, make your own cover at, have fun.

Help me to make it better
I’m looking for more great covers, if you know a great one, please let me know by leaving a comment with a hyperlink to the image. The minimal resolution should be 500 pixels width/height. And it should be possible to cut out the face.

How the Aphextwinalizer works
The original album cover

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Not sure why, but none of your examples seems to work for me in either FF or Safari on a macbook pro. I get the prompt asking for access to the webcam, but then just a white screen. Any ideas of what’s wrong?

Hmm, are you sure you have the right device as webcam selected?

Ctrl+click on the flash. Click “settings” and select the webcam tab. Here you have multiple options, one of these should work.

Let me know if this fixes the problem.

Hi Wilbert Baan ,

I am 3rd year student currently taking Design degree program in USM, Malaysia. I am in a very critical stage of doing my final year project.
As I am a design student, I am actually struggling with coding for my project. And here, I hope that you could just lend me some help in flash webcam coding.
I wrote this in hope of asking you to do me a favor on coding part, and I will credit u in return, if u okay with it, as my project will be exhibiting on shopping
complexes in Malaysia.

You may reject me, but I would just tell you how simple my project will work. First I just need webcam as a tool to detect motion.
I want to play a movieclip/animation maybe from scene 1, and when somebody pass by (webcam detect) it changes into other animation scene 2.
And when nobody is there it goes back to scene 1

I sincerely hope that you would lend me a help. Thank you

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