Joost invitations

Hello Wilbert, and thanks for recommending Joost to your friends!

As a little thank-you gift, we’ve given you 5 more invitations in your “My Joost” invitation widget for you to share with them.”

Ok, who wants one, ore two? I have invitations to burn. Send your name and e-mail address and I’ll get back to you.

Yesterday Joost confirmed to have 32 advertisers at launch.

15 replies on “Joost invitations”

Hi, is it possible that I have one invitation?

I’ve looking like crazy for one.

Thanks a lot in advance.



Well, I’ve sent a message directly to you, and now I’m posting here too.

Joost is a great sensation, I cannot wait to see it!


Wow, thanks for the response. My e-mailbox is full with people asking for invitations, I didn’t know they are still this popular.

I have send seven invitations, sorry if you didn’t get one, you’ll get an invitation as soon as I have new ones.

WOW!! Thanks a lot for the invitation, u r really kind… I’m downloading it right know.



I hope i’ll get one :) Thnks anyway
viktorkotvicki [at] gmail [dot] com

I’d love one too…and I’ll set up a way to give out more too

Someone was nice enough to give me an invitation..Now I have unlimited invites!!

Visit my website..I’m giving away unlimited invites until may 8th…just click on the links or something to show your appreciation

Hello, If you still have some left, I’d appreciate one very much.

Thank you!

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