Is video the new audio? Or should it be?

Why do we still see videoclips as an extra? Frequently videoclips are distributed for free or as a bonus while you have to pay for the song. Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Shouldn’t the videoclip be the default?

A growing group plays cd’s on a dvd player, buys music dvd’s or listens to music on a video iPod. These devices play video. Most new devices will support video.

Why shouldn’t you only have videoclips on your iPod? You can still just listen to the music, and if you want you can watch the video too. Why is it we see the video as an extra. The clip should be the default and the audio the teaser.

The production costs of a videoclip are an issue. An upcoming band can’t pay for the production of a videoclip. This is were a record company can come back in the loop. They can invest in clips of bands they like and start selling the clips.

Niche talents can be helped producing creative clips with cultural government funding (or they will find their audience via Social Networks). For example below four videoclips that are partly (read mainly) subsidized by the Dutch state.

Coparck – A good Year for the Robots

C-mon And Kypski ft. Phete Philly – Make my Day

A Balladeer – Robin II

Kraak & Smaak – Money in the Bag

Clips via this article about subsidized videoclips (Dutch).