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Is brand association the new advertising for the creative industry?

Absolute Vodka and Treehugger
Absolute Vodka & Treehugger

Recently I’m seeing a growing trend in sponsored projects instead of advertisements. This doesn’t have to mean that there actually is a growing trend.

Content on the web is diverging. You’re still the owner but your website is no longer your only outlet. This brings structural problems to monetize your creative work. For example if you make a video you want as much exposure as possible. The only way to get maximum revenue is to host the video on your website. The only way to get maximum reach is to send your video out to the Youtubes of this world.

The only way to keep your cross-medium freedom and advertising revenue is if you connect to a brand that fully supports what you are doing.

A few examples of (creative) projects sponsored by brands.

  1. BMW is sponsoring TED, why? TED is all about innovation, technology and art. This is what BMW wants to be about.
  2. Dazed by Light is sponsored by Philips Aurea, why? Philips wants to be connected to light and innovation.
  3. The Dutch National Museum of Natural History has an exposition about energy. This project is Sponsored by energy suppliers E-On and Nuon. Why? E-On and Nuon want to be connected to projects that explain the importance of energy.
  4. Absolut treehugger is sponsored by Absolut Vodka. Why? Absolute want to be connected to creative people, talent and ideas.

Is this model a serious model for the future of online adverting? It allows creators to move freely from medium to medium. Create widgets, place videos on YouTube, Google video and more.

The ‘danger’ in these projects is the amount of freedom. Do you still have freedom of speech when you’re connected to a brand? Can TED still invite environmentalists on stage? Branding and advertising in project are about mutual trust and transparency.

I personally like this model. Do you know more examples of project branding? Or what could be great combinations?

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I think National Geographic and Discovery are also adapting projects. For brand association as well for the content the projects create.

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