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What Twitter could look like

Some sketches I made a while ago to illustrate what I think a web-based twitter client could look like. I really like the Tweetdeck application, because it integrates lists in the most obvious way, showing all the posts like a dashboard. I think the basics of Tweetdeck could be very well made into a web-based […]

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Analyzed what Twitter votes (graphic)

Based on Twitterpoll by Erik Borra I made this visualization. The animation is created form filtering tweets on content. If someone says he or she voted for Obama or McCain this information is stored and turned into numbers. This creates an election poll based on tweets. You can say Twitter is pretty much in favor […]

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We Say, twittertalk

A second version of the first experiment. In this window you can sort Twitter messages on certain words. Try to work with two words or use the more obvious words like McCain / Obama if you want to use more words. Otherwise you won’t get any results. Another great polling service Erik Borra created a […]

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A MSc research on the one thing Twitter asks; what are you doing?

What are you doing? Is the simple question twitter asks you In July 2007 Edward Mischaud (at that time student Politics and Communication) asked me – and other random selected users – a few questions about how we use Twitter. His goal was to find out if Twitter users actually answer to one thing Twitter […]

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What is ‘breaking the news’ in a Twitteruniverse?

Breaking News is when a story breaks. You know a story will be serious news and you have to bring it, but you don’t know enough facts yet. The story has to break through and this process of breaking is the news. That’s why breaking news is so exciting to watch on television. It’s like […]

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The TwitterTicker

Last night I started playing with the Twitter API and RSS feeds and realized that a lot of tweets in Twitter contain an url. It would be nice if your computer could automatically detect the url and open it in the browser / same window. A sort of personal (bandwidth consuming) slideshow of hyperlinks send […]


Connect Twitter to your Pidy

The internet address book connected Twitter to the Pidy