Realtime in-store analytics using iBeacons

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Beacon Store
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Realtime in-store analytics using iBeacons

What if you could A/B-test your store setups as easy as testing a website? This is what set of a research into beacon technology and it’s value for retail. Current market solutions are either expensive to implement at scale, aren’t suitable for all type of stores and don’t use opt-in methods.

The research traject led to a full store implementation, pilot and project validation with over 60 beacons for analyzing hot and cold spots, visitor behavior overall store usage. The service makes A/B-testing in retail easy and enables full integration with existing apps creating endless possibilities for integrating off- and online.


Design Research, Product Design, Product Strategy


2014 – Current


A large international retailer

Beacon Store
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Beacon project grid
Beacon project results
Beacon project prototype