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I voted, storytelling with public databases

I’m a big fan of public databases, the live web and storytelling. I think they all give new opportunities for interactive and online storytelling. Twitter itself a very interesting database. Because it tells you what is going on and the API is very good.

About “I voted”
The next days American citizens will vote for either McCain or Obama. My guess is a lot of Twitter users will say on Twitter when, and on who they voted. This Flash application uses Twitter Search to see who voted on who. The animation automatically updates with the most recent tweet.

For this animation I use (used to be
The query:

21 replies on “I voted, storytelling with public databases”

By the way this flash gimmick is just a mock up to shows that there is interesting data in those public databases as long as you ask the right questions and use the right presentation.

I’m not a very good programmer, so excuses for the code. But hey, it works :)

The Flash file was made using a trial version of CS4, I’ll see tonight if I can save it as an older version.

That would be interesting as well. Only I am not that good with databases. I can only build flashy stuff on XML feeds by others :) But it would be nice to store this information.

Cool, I’ll start trying it in a moment. This afternoon in the train I made a second version of the animation. I’m uploading it right now.

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