HKU / EMMA Interactive Video Journalism Mobile Projects


Two days ago I graduated as Bachelor of Arts and Technology and Master of Arts in European Media. Part of my graduation exegesis is an online project called ‘Medialandschap‘.

The concept for Medialandschap originated from a fascination for ‘citizen journalism’ and the low quality videos created with devices like mobile phones and photo cameras and the growing group of people equipped with this type of media. As such these short videos are most of the time without or with little context. By creating a design where people are able to get more context the value of the individual video grows. The system uses different axes to sort the information.

The interface is connecting videos to videos with subjects alike and places. It sizes videos depending on the popularity. Places show recent activity and the amount of videos posted in a specific location. The interface-design is inspired by the creative methods and designing techniques for information design used in books created by Bruce Mau and Rem Koolhaas. The concept of the interface aims at being very informative and playful. Browsing and clicking through movies without loading lists. At the top of the website are three different broadcasts sorted on popularity, time and things alike.

The project: Medialandschap (Citizen journalism, video, interactivity and simplicity).

Medialandschap screenshot
image: screenshot,