Social Classification

The selector

Social software is changing the web into a place where more personal data is shared faster, easier and above all publicly. Search engines are improving and making sure you will find about everything you are looking for. This overload of information is creating a new profession. The profession of “selector”. Someone who builds interesting collections out of excisting data / information. The selector gives certain information a new twist by creating a collection with a certain view. The individual piece of information is less important, it is all about the overall impression.

Peter Piller is an artist who creates and exposes collections build from existing photography.

Is making selections a new part of the (photo) journalists profession? The content citizen journalists create is often decentralized. To present a story to the public it needs someone or something like Technorati to create a story.

I can’t wait for the first coffeetable / photo book created with Flickr & Creative Commons material?